The G2 Summit – The Dream Encounter

On April 2, the world’s major economic powers will be in London to coordinate efforts towards solving the global economic woes.  However, who will represent the concerns of Jamaica?


Well before the G20,there was the G2 .


Working his way through  the protesters, and with  some key contacts, our hero managed to arrange a meeting with the newest leader of this august body to represent the concerns of Jamaica.  Due to the heighten security, the meeting got off to a rough start.  Let’s see what our hidden microphone is picking up.


Bolt: Mr. President, please tell your guys to let me go! I was not trying to throw my sneakers at you, but give it you a copy of the sneakers I wore for my historic run as a token from my country.

Obama:  Guys, please let him proceed. Welcome Mr. Bolt! Congratulations on your terrific Olympics.  You really took it to our boys!

 Bolt: Thank you sir.  Here is another gift for the wife, Michelle.

 Obama:  Thanks!  I have heard a lot about your Trelawny yams.  Maybe Michelle can plant a piece in our summer garden.yellow-yam.jpg.


Bolt: I watched your town hall meeting last week, and noticed the weed question was very prevalent.  Take it from me, it is worth the fight to not legalize that stuff.  Seems as if the Caribbean Islands are getting on top of this issue and Mexico is your major problem.


. Obama:  I know. May be we can engage the island that this drug balloon does not pop back big time in the Islands. .


Bolt: We know you have you hands full with working the enormous issues within America. Please do not limit the scope as we are truly faced with a global meltdown.

Obama: Any suggestions you want me to consider?


Bolt: Mr. President, the Chinese, Russians, and Chavez are calling for a new global currency, and it did not help that your secretary Geithner did not seem to appreciate the implication of the US dollar’s critical role.  Tell you what, why don’t you offer the Jamaican dollar as an option.  After the laughter subside, they will agree to stay with your dollar. Obama:  You sure your leaders won’t be upset and think we are taking a cheap shot at the Jamaican currency?dollarc.jpg


Bolt:  Well, you could take your large entourage after this trip and go apologize and leave some of that stimulus monies. I bet all would be forgiven quickly.

Obama: Hmmm.

Bolt: Seriously Mr. President, I hope you will join Gordon Brown and support his commitment to increase the development aid fund at the World Bank.

Obama: Anything else?

. Bolt:

 Bolt: Well, it seems as if you were a good Monopoly player as a kid?

Obama: What would make you say that?

Bolt: Maybe the banks, AIG, GM, and Chysler dealings would have something to do with that conclusion.

Obama: I see!


Bolt: Also, trade is very important in reviving the global economy.  Hopefully, you guys can knock down and agree to  eliminate any protectionist sentiment.

Obama:  I do agree!

Bolt: Please remember the world’s most vulnerable. Our government is trying its best to balance our debt situation with the growing human needs we face.

Obama:  We have to.

Bolt:  I know you will be away from the children for 8 days.  I know you will miss them.  Here is a few token for them.  For Sasha , there is a book – “Little Lion Goes for Gold ” that was inspired by my Summer success, and for Malia , a CD entitled

 “Come Dance With Me” from the Alpha Boys, a world renown boys band.


Obama: Thank you!  I know they will enjoy these.


I know it’s April fool’s day. We can use this day to dream big!  If you had an opportunity to engage the US president about Jamaica, what would you tell him?