“The Goddess Of Beauty” Aims To Uplift Black Women And Girls

“The Goddess of Beauty” is an enchanting children’s book that takes you on a journey from Jamaica to Trinidad to ancient Africa. Princess Lana of Jamaica receives a special message from Goddess Oshun to fly to Trinidad to uplift the spirits of a young insecure girl. After hearing about Oshun’s inner and outer beauty the young girl is no longer insecure and realizes that she too is a Goddess just like Oshun.  

The Goddess of Beauty has a dual purpose; it is meant to instill pride in young girls and women of African origin and it is also meant to educate people of all backgrounds about the beauty of black features and culture.

The Goddess of Beauty is the first in a series of children’s books about beautiful women from across the globe by author Judith Martin. Miss Martin’s love for fashion, geography and global cultures is what led her to write her books.  “I want to empower all the women and young girls of the world with each book. My books are a reflection of the diversity among all the beautiful women of the world. It’s time women start defining beauty for themselves.” said Judith.