The great NFL draft of 2006 (not exactly)
The 2006 NFL draft is notable because of the loud debate preceding and subsequent to the first three picks. Coming off of a tremendous performance vs USC, Vince Young, the Texas native was considered a good bet to be selected by the Houston Texans with the first overall pick. Then there was All-World player Reggie Bush of that vanquished USC team, Heisman Trophy winner and highlight reel star. Throw in another Heisman winner in Matt Leinart, as well as Vanderbilt’s Jay Cutler who according to rumor had the best arm of any quarterback in recent memory and you have an intriguing mix.

So what happened? Houston selected Mario Williams; DE from NC State. New Orleans selected Bush, Tennessee chose Young and Leinart and Cutler fell to 10 and 11 respectively.

5 years later, in looking at that draft, you have to think that Houston made the right choice. Williams (# 90, R; shown tackling Bush) is a two time Pro-Bowler; a steady and pretty good player, he is hardly dominating. Bush has not lived up to the hype at all and shares a New Orleans backfield with several other players who play a more physical, straight ahead style than he does. He can still produce an occasional flash of brilliance, but he has not played like the superstar everyone thought he could be. Vince Young has been a mystery, plain and simple. I think if Young goes to a good team and sits behind a veteran for a while he could turn his career around, because he is extremely talented. I don’t think he handled the situation in Tennessee properly, but I blame Jeff Fisher even more than I do Young for the way it spiraled out of control. If Young signs with the Giants, Indianapolis or New Orleans I think it would be great for him and them.

Leinart has been a bust, plain and simple. Instead of being the next Carson Palmer, he turned into the new Akili Smith. Ugghh. Cutler was an above average player in Denver, but has been extremely good in spurts since being traded to the Chicago Bears.

By the way, some of the other players taken later in that draft? Darrelle Revis (NY Jets) Santonio Holmes (Pitt/NY Jets) Antonio Cromarite (San Diego) Greg Jennings (GB) and Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville)

I’m out! Listening to Pink Friday. I gotta say, Nikki Minaj’s album is pretty good! Repping Queens, New York!