The Iran Conundrum


Israeli and American hawks are wailing while the rest of the world rejoices at the deal to block Iran’s development of a nuclear bomb. As for me, I am puzzled (as usual?).

Why does Iran even need to develop a nuclear bomb? Why can’t they buy one on the black market? I bet Pakistan, for example, could be persuaded to part with some of its nuclear arsenal if the price were right.

So many nations – good and bad – have so much nuclear capability. Yet so far nobody has dared to use it.

Even the craziest troublemaker must know the result would be suicidal. One bomb would lead to another and it would be goodbye cruel world for us all.

But some Israeli leaders are pretending they believe the Iranians would drop a nuclear bomb on their country if they had one.

And their pals in the US are echoing their nonsense.

I suspect there’s money involved. By raising continuous alarm, Israel ensures a never-ending supply of arms and money from good old Uncle Sam.

And America’s military-industrial; complex cashes in on a lucrative export market.

Meanwhile, the kabuki theater goes on.

Read all about it!!!! Nuclear deal with Iran!!! Armageddon averted!!!!

Until the next convenient bogey man emerges.

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