The Jamaican Caves Organization – The June 2004 Expedition

Jamaican Caves Organization

(JCO – May 30, 2004). The next full expedition of the Jamaican Caves Organization will take place from June 6 to June 18, 2004, inclusive. The main team will be comprised of R. S. Stewart, I. C. Conolley, M. Bellinger, M. Taylor, and D. Williams.

The main priority of the session will be the continuation of the St James Assessment Project. The goal of this ongoing NEPA sanctioned research project is to establish a standardized set of data for all of the caves and sinkholes of St James, Jamaica. We are currently about 40% of the way through the 100+ targets of the project and will increase this number substantially during the two-week expedition. The JCO will also take part in the creation of a video documentary on caving in Jamaica, in association with the Authentic Jamaica crew, that will be carried out in the district of Quick Step, Trelawny. Two systems will be visited: Marta Tick Cave and Minocal’s Glory Hole. Marta Tick is one of the more biologically valuable caves on the island, and by recording this documentary we hope to increase awareness of the importance of cave preservation in Jamaica. Minocal’s Glory Hole is one of the deepest sinkholes that is not yet fully descended, and we intend to find the bottom of this dread pit. A physical survey will be conducted of Bellair Cave in assistance to Dr. Allsworth-Jones, of UWI. This site has archaeological importance and the survey will contribute to work being done in the study of the Taino of Jamaica. A descent will be made into Volcano Hole, St Ann, the deepest cave on the island that is not yet fully explored. This will be done primarily for the purpose of exploration, but also for the sheer challenge of it. Several new caves, discovered by the JCO in the Cockpit Country north of Troy during the Mar/Apr 2004 expedition, will be explored. Preparatory work will also be done during the Troy visit for a planned Cockpit Country Transect, (to be conducted in the future when funding allows). The full schedule follows: Jun 6: Bellair Cave: Purpose: SurveyJun 7: Volcano Hole: Purpose: ExplorationJun 8: Various caves in St James: Purpose: AssessmentJun 9: Various caves in St James: Purpose: AssessmentJun 10: Various caves in St James: Purpose: AssessmentJun 11: Troy: Purpose: ExplorationJun 12: Marta Tick Cave: Purpose: DocumentaryJun 13: Minocal’s Glory Hole: Purpose: Exploration, documentaryJun 14: Various caves in St James: Purpose: AssessmentJun 15: Various caves in St James: Purpose: AssessmentJun 16: Various caves in St James: Purpose: AssessmentJun 17: Various caves in St James: Purpose: AssessmentJun 18: Various caves in St James: Purpose: Assessment We once again invite members of the Press to join us for any of our underground adventures. The JCO can be contacted via email until June 3, at [email protected]. After June 4, messages can be left with Miss Lilly at 876-788-1022.

Ronald Stefan Stewart
JCO – Jamaican Caves Organization