When Looters are in Charge

I wonder if all those Americans who put Trump and his minions in charge of the country feel some sense of guilt? Do they now regret their spitefulness? So they tipped over the apple cart. They showed those elitist snobs who were looking down their noses at them.

Are they sorry now?

Now that their populist prophet is looting the country, plundering the national treasury in broad daylight, do they realize what they’ve done?

Trump and his gang are stealing every penny they can get their hands on. Read the tax law they just enacted if you doubt me.

The millionaires in Congress and the billionaires who own them will be rolling in money stolen not just from us but from our children and grandchildren – and generations yet unborn.

It’s going to be a merry Christmas for the looters, that’s for sure.

We’ve been suckered, folks. And the worst is yet to come.

There’s no end to Trump’s chicanery. He is the consummate con artist, and his Republican minions are groveling at his feet, lapping up the gravy he spills as he gorges at the public trough.

Yes the impotent Democrats are howling. Yes, outraged citizens are protesting all across the country.  There may even be riots and bloodshed as we the people wake up to what’s happening.

But Trump and his gang won’t mind. It won’t be their blood that’s shed. And they’re used to their victims yelling and raging and calling them names. That goes with the territory when you’re a con artist.

The question is, have Americans learned anything?

We’re paying a massive price for this lesson.

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