The Mysterious Case of the Patty Bandits!!

Hand over the patty!!BREAKING NEWS!!! “There is a hostage situation unfolding at Juici Patties in downtown Kingston!”

And so began the week in Jamaican news; Johnny seh him drop ‘hevryting’ when him hear dat pon di TV. An entire nation waited anxiously, with bated breath, as the saga of the Patty Bandits unfolded.

Another drama unfolding was the shoot-out of words between Sergeant Raymond Wilson, of the Police Federation, and members of the government. The policeman fired off scathing criticisms at the handling of the Dudus extradition, forcing the Minister of Security to flee into ‘nearby bushes’.

We discuss how it all ended, on this week’s podcast, and also re-cap stories dealing with the new compensation package for nurses, OLINT investors’ woes, diary of a gangster, and the planned Koran burning in Florida.

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