The “New Right” Unmasks its Menacing Face

America’s “new right” has unveiled its prescription for shaping America’s future and it looks a lot like Iran or North Korea – starve the people and use the bulk of the nation’s resources to build a mighty army.

House Republicans rolled out a budget proposal on Friday that called for $61 billion in cuts to hundreds of domestic programs – and left America’s bloated “defense” allocation unscathed (click here for details).

“Welfare” of every kind, education, job training, the environment … all are targeted for assault. Some programs would be slashed, some eliminated.

The proposal is expected to come up for a vote next week. Since Republicans won a House majority in the November elections, I expect the draconian legislation will be approved. But I can’t see it passing the Senate. And if it gets through the Senate, I am sure President Obama would veto it.

But it shows what “conservatives” stand for in America. And it’s not pretty.

They’ve exposed themselves as a heartless, ruthless lot.

But I must admit they have guts.

They don’t care what others think of them. They are determined to protect the interests of the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor and defenseless.

They are ready to sacrifice the earth God gave us to enrich the polluters who fill their campaign chests.

They don’t care a fig about “the common good.”

And they don’t care who knows it or what anyone might think of them for it.

As we might say in Jamaica, “dem bad!”

If only the champions of the poor had cojones half as big.