The NFL, LiLo and why King Felix is not Cy Young worthy
The NFL season is proving once again to be a strange one. Kansas City Chiefs undefeated through September? Chicago Bears? Who the hell is Arian Foster? Even Darren McFadden (R) has started earning his paycheck!


All we need now is for a contender to sign JaMarcus Russell, have their starter get hurt and him take them to the playoffs for this to be the official beginning of Bizzaro Season 2010.
I’m beginning to think that Lindsey Lohan has to drive naked down the Pacific Coast Highway with a few kilos of Colombian white in her trunk, at least two (2) bodies on the backseat of her convertible while waving the murder weapon in the air to get arrested and really spend time in jail?
I’m just saying…..most other people would have been halfway through their sentences already, and she’s still tweeting!
Even Iron Man (L) went to jail, but she doesn’t?


I am very happy to see Michael Vick playing exceptionally well with The Philadelphia Eagles this season. He was involved in some heinous stuff, got caught, did his time and is making the best of his second chance at a career. I hope he stays out of trouble and I hope he continues to play well.


Manchester City showed last week that it has the fortitude to go toe to toe with the big boys and beat them too, but can they do it week in and week out? I think they can and i’ll say it again; the two best teams in England are Chelsea and Manchester City.


Manchester United is slipping, Arsenal needs help, Tottenham doesn’t have enough of everything and Liverpool is what they’ve been for the past few years-also rans.
In Italy, this may be the year, after 5 straight years as Serie A champions that Inter Milan is dethroned as kings of Italy. AC Milan added Robiniho to an already loaded squad, while Roma, who chased Inter all last season, is playing very well early on. I still believe that Inter Milan is the best team in Italy and should make it six in a row.


This is supposedly the year of the pitcher, no-hitters being thrown on average once a month, blah, blah blah….but some morons in the media want us to think that Felix Hernandez (R) a barely .500 pitcher deserves the Cy Young award? Seriously?
I don’t care what his ERA is or his run support isn’t, in the year of the pitcher, he has won 13 games and lost 12. For a team that has not played a significant game since 1995. He should not even be in the conversation. Period.
CC Sabathia and David Price are the two best pitchers on the two best teams in the American League. They have pitched in pressure packed games all season long and their teams are deadlocked at the top of the standings.

The Cy Young award should be decided between them, not a marginal pitcher on a very bad team.

If this joke of so-called rhetoric isn’t evidence of the Yankee bias in a large part of the (cough-Bristol, CT cough-ESPN-cough) media, I don’t know what is.