The Power of Palin


To you and me – and Tina Fey – Sarah Palin is a joke. I am amazed that she is still around, chattering mindlessly and uttering outrageously bigoted opinions – a blast from civilization’s distant past.

Listening to her incoherent rant at yesterday’s rally against the Iran deal, I understood only snatches of what she was trying to say.But what I understood was breathtakingly ugly (calling Black Lives Matter protesters “dogs” for example).

To me, Sarah Palin is totally un-American. But sadly, she is the grotesquely primitive face of a significant segment of the American population.

The Americans who hail Kim Davis as a Christian martyr, for example. The Americans who elect rogues and dunces to Congress. The Americans who are threatening to put the world’s destiny in Donald Trump’s hands.

It’s a frightening prospect, and it’s looking more and more possible.

Think about it. Trump and Palin – what a team!

Trump has been singing Palin’s praises recently, saying he would be delighted to have her in his cabinet. And Palin has been saying how much she would enjoy being Trump’s secretary of energy.

Don’t laugh – it could happen. We could be on the brink of a drill-baby-drill America, just as global oil pricess spiral into the abyss.

Palin is no laughing stock. She is a real threat to all that’s best in America. Indeed, according to Michael Keegan of People for the American Way, it’s Palin who triggered the current right-wing revolution.

Here’s Keegan’s take on the subject:

We are living in the post-Palin America. Sarah Palin entered the national spotlight on the Republican presidential ticket in 2008 and captured the hearts of those who would go on to form the Tea Party movement and become the overwhelmingly dominant faction of the GOP’s base.

It is this post-Palin America that gave us the Trump candidacy. And this post-Palin America could give us a Trump presidency.

I can hear you scoffing. Surely, these troglodytes are a small minority in America’s population, you are thinking. The vast majority of Americans are decent, evolved human beings who would never embrace the bigotry and stupidity of politicians like Palin and Trump.

And, yes, the right-wing revolutionaries are a minority. But they vote.

And, as long as two-thirds of the electorate don’t bother to go to the polls, the Trump-Palin movement represents a very real danger to America – and civilization – as we know and love it.

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