The President’s Speech: Obama in Wonderland

In a magical land far away, people are reasonable and goodhearted. They understand that their interests must be weighed against those of others, that they can’t get everything they want, and they sit down together to work out equitable and effective solutions to the challenges faced by their society.

That was where U.S. President Barack Obama spent Tuesday night.

It wasn’t long before he was brought back to earth.

An elf-like creature with Mickey Mouse ears and a Neanderthal forehead burst the president’s magical balloon. And the Wicked Witch of the North added her venom to the disenchantment potion.

The elf is said to be “the smartest Republican in Congress.” And I wouldn’t be surprised. “Smart Republican” has become an oxymoron. And, as they say, in the world of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

With vague euphemisms and invented “facts,” the malignant elf sold his “road map” for American success. He did not dare come right out and say it, but his prescription includes the abolition of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, combined with more tax breaks for the rich and dismantling of the federal government.

I don’t know what solutions the Wicked Witch of the North is proposing. Her gibberish defies my interpretation (see cartoon). You can figure it out for yourself here.

But after all the speeches are made, you can count on the Republicans to do their best to make sure that Obama’s fantasy of bipartisan cooperation for the good of the country never becomes reality.They  are fixated on the president’s defeat, cost it what it may. They are prepared to bring America to its knees and plunge the world into ruin in hopes of seizing power in the ensuing chaos.

Still, it was nice to accompany the president on his voyage into that pleasant, sane land last night. It was a welcome break from the sordid reality of American politics.