The quintessential PaCain voter

I met a sample of the American voting public while working on this piece and I’m scared downright shit*less. This is a 19 year old white male (the least objectionable description) who says that he is gonna vote PaCain. When I questioned him why, he had no clue. He had no clue as to PaCain’s and Obama’s economic policies. He had no clue has to Phil Gramm, PaCain’s economic advisor. He has no clue as to taxes. He complains about his job and his take-home but had no clue as to whether his purchasing power went up or down over the last few years… because he didn’t know what purchasing power is. He thinks that when you see an item (magazines) with both American and Canadian prices, the Canadian price is higher because of higher taxes there. He doesn’t know that the British pound and the euro are 2 different currencies. He doesn’t believe in free health care, yet he has a child on the way and has gotten free healthcare for the delivery… just doesn’t think that everyone should get same. He lives in subsidized housing but doesn’t think that everyone deserves the same. He is supposed to be an artist, the very group that republicans always eviscerate first. I had no hesitation in calling him mother-effing stupid. I know that wasn’t the way to convert him, but the truth is I can’t win over that guy short of a baseball bat… but HE is the quintessential American voter… he has a short attention span. Just the type PaCain appeals to***
As I’m sitting here listening to Billy Paul sing “Only the strong survive, the weak fall by the wayside” (Gamble, Huff, Butler), I hope that Barack Obama finally gets it. He needs to stop pussyfooting and start kicking PaCain in the nuts (ok, 1/2 of that team hasn’t got nuts, but if she insists on fighting with men, she can get bitch-slapped).
The Obama team has suddenly decided that it is time to fight back (losing ground in the polls will bring a revision of tactics), finally. No wonder that Hollywood and the democrats are so linked… they both think that the good guys should play fair because they win in the end. Wake up boys, that’s a fairytale.
The republicans are far more realistic. They know that they won’t change, they don’t want to. They know that fear, brute force and nastiness work, that only the strong survive, that the weak falls by the wayside.
Obama should know that they republicans don’t want to debate the issues… they have little of substance. So its smear and run. But missy Obama doesn’t want to dirty her gloves. ‘Can’t we jes git alang’ has been his mantra. Fat good THAT did for Rodney King.
And the republican mud machine just keeps slinging along, putting Obama always on defense. It’s like trying to debate a dunce on the subject of say, the economy. All he needs is to keep repeating, “Oh yeah? Well your mama’s fat’. There will always be a stupid audience who thinks he’s cute.
You have to grab him by the shirtfront and tell him that you’re soon gonna be making him eat through a straw. In other words, get in their collective faces. Don’t get angry, smile when you twist their balls hard. The American public will respect that. They have no respect for people who don’t fight. They prefer a loser who punched, than a winner by default.
Obama has better start setting the agenda, choosing the fights, the playfield, the ref and the ball. He had better start stacking the freaking deck***
This time, I’m talking Bill. There was a piece purporting to be advice (8 points) given to Obama by Bill Clinton. On the face of it, it is pretty sound advice. But then I came to number 8… ‘publicly apologise to me for standing by while commentators called me a racist’. Now Bill is definitely inhaling. He said nothing about all the insults from himself, his wife and her team, and nothing about apologizing to Obama. He tried to skip over his introduction of race in South Carolina as ‘impolitic’.
So this is what it is. Black man humbles himself for offending massa, not the other way around. Well, Bill, if nothing else that seals it for me.
Now, let me state quite clearly, that the written advice was not exactly out of Bubba’s mouth, but from a surrogate who ‘…is making an educated guess based on 16 years of watching Bill…’.
So let me tell you how this works… the author , John F Harris, is obviously fronting for Bill so Bill won’t face the backlash for his ‘facetyness’. Prick… ouch.
By the way, in the story, Clinton is actually referred to as ‘the master’***
Way back when, I advised many Obama supporters what they should be doing. I doubt they paid me much attention because what I said meant work. Let me be clear. Many of you are no different from the troglodyte referred to up top.
First thing. Stop telling people that you are voting for Obama because he is black, or the ‘elect of god’. Rubbish. For the former, if that’s your excuse then the PaCains can vote for their guys because they are white. And with blacks only 14% of the populace, that’s a numbers game you cannot win. Obama is not running as a black candidate, don’t make him into one.
As for the latter, Obama is not the elect of god. God is not backing him, god doesn’t want him to win, god isn’t in his camp, god is not a democrat, god doesn’t give crap about who wins in ’08. If god cared, Bush wouldn’t have won back-to-back.
The republicans also use the same god-is-on-our-side crap, and believe me that is another numbers game you can’t win. Keep god out of it.
This what you need to do. Study. Research who Obama is and what he stands for. Research the PaCains and their policies. The information is there. Go to Obama’s website and find out his positions. When the discussions come up, you must be versed, you must do better than saying he is black and the elect of god. That makes you look stupid.
One of the accusations is that there is no substance to Obama’s plans. You cannot defend his substance if you don’t know it. Don’t just attack PaCains. Lay out what Obama intends to do. Show that on every count, Obama offers something better for the people of America than the PaCains.
If all you can do is recite some stoopid mantra, then you are really of little use to him or yourself***
Months ago when Obma stated that America should switch emphasis to Afghanistan, John McCain and others ridiculed him, but were soon on the bandwagon as Afghanistan kept deteriorating.
Recently Francesc Vendrell, a Spanish diplomat with 8 years experience in Afghanistan said that the country is worst off than it was in 2001.
Which other countries have we heard that about before? Riiiight! Iraq and the United States.