The Real Scandal in Washington (It’s Not Benghazi!)

If I hear the word “Benghazi” one more time I shall go stark, raving mad. And as for that IRS “scandal,” all I have to say is: “Phooey!” The Republicans have got the media screaming as if their hair was on fire – but over what?

Could the Republicans be whipping up a frenzy so they can impeach the president – as they’ve been yearning to do for so long?

You betcha!

Are they full of you-know-what?

Of course.

If there’s anything crystal clear about the Benghazi tragedy, it’s that President Obama had nothing to do with it. It all went down without his knowledge or consent. That’s hardly a “high crime or misdemeanor” as impeachment would require. It’s horrible that four American diplomats died, and it looks as if typical bureaucratic bungling could be to blame. But it wasn’t Barack Obama who did the bungling (it wasn’t Hillary, either).

The Republicans in Congress would be better employed trying to catch the terrorists responsible and figuring out how to prevent anything like that from happening again instead of trying to implicate the White House.

Now, about the IRS. Of course it looks bad when the tax man goes after one political party and not the other. Shame on the IRS for that!

But, tell the truth, if you were checking out applications for tax exemption from organizations with “Tea Party” in their names, wouldn’t you be skeptical? Nobody could possibly believe a Tea Party group is designed”exclusively for the promotion of social welfare,” as the tax-free designation in question demands.

Surely, the president wouldn’t have to get involved to make you question those guys?

Of course, the same is true of political activists on the Democratic side, but they don’t tend to give the game away so nakedly right in the name of their group.

Sadly, none of the above matters in today’s Washington.

The only thing that matters is scoring points against political opponents. Meanwhile, the country drifts perilously close to a shipwreck with nobody at the helm. The Republicans have succeeded in blocking the president’s efforts to govern, and they have no intention of governing themselves. All they want to do is yell at the president while the country’s business remains in limbo.

And, as far as I’m concerned, that’s the real scandal in Washington.

Requirements for 501C4 organizations.

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