Revolt of the Troglodytes



I understand that the catastrophic decision to rip Britain out of the EU was the work of “uneducated” voters. And I wonder what else this sad slice of humanity has in store for the world.

brain deadPresident Trump perhaps?

Do you remember how the Republican candidate celebrated a poll showing his supporters are mostly “uneducated” voters?

“I love the poorly educated,” he declared.

As well he should. They are so easy to manipulate, so susceptible to his racist rants and tortured logic.

And there are so many of them.

I suppose the trend began in school, where the “jocks” ridicule the “nerds.”  The jocks get the the glory, the jocks get the scholarships, the jocks get the girls.

jockTo be a “brain” is to invite disdain.

And it’s style that rules in the schools, not substance. The trendy chick gets the glances. Nobody cares about her IQ.

This sorry culture has been amplified in the movies and the media. Intellect is laughed at and brute force exalted.

So the pundits shouldn’t scratch their egg heads when they learn that climate change and evolution are considered hoaxes by so many folks, or that a big chunk of the public no longer believe the “experts.”

In a culture where popular music is brain-numbing noise and where gibberish passes as “lyrics,” where popular films are a jumble of car chases and explosions, stitched together by gunfire and soaked in blood… what do you expect to happen?

When children are encouraged to play video games based on medieval tyranny and macabre violence, how do you think they will turn out?

Is this the kind of culture that breeds critical thinking, that produces an electorate capable of sustaining democracy?

Or is this a breeding ground for aberrations like Brexit and Trump?

We’re about to find out.

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