The Red Menace Evolves


Back in the Sixties, we expected the Soviet Union to launch a nuclear attack on North America at any moment.

In Canada, where I was living then, some people even built bomb shelters in their basements and stocked them with canned goods, hoping to hide from the blast and wait out the radiation that would ensue.

I understand the same thing was happening in the United States.

Now, a half century later, I suppose the bomb shelters became recreation rooms long ago, but what’s left of the Soviet Union still poses an existential threat to America.

The world today is a much more complex place than it was then.  “War” is fought on many diverse levels. The primitive threat of nuclear annihilation no longer comes from the major powers but from rogue nations and terror groups .

China, for example, is quietly engaged in a quest for global economic dominance, colonizing Latin America, Africa and even Jamaica, cornering the world market on rare earth metals, pioneering advanced technology and aggressively pursuing a cutting-edge program to develop alternative fuels.

Meanwhile, the Russian threat has become far more sophisticated than it was when Khruschev and his shoe made headlines at the UN . Today’s “Red Menace” is psychological, not physical.

“Divide and rule” is a reliable strategy as old as civilization, and the Russians are using it in their attempt to destroy America.  By “poking fire” with bogus election ads and taking sides in the recent presidential election, for example, they sought to derail America’s democratic system of government.

And their malicious strategy seems to be succeeding.  America is in disarray.

There’s a floundering nutcase in the White House. The flames of partisan hatred engulf the land. States are threatening to secede from the Union. White supremacists are crawling out from under their rocks. The core values on which the nation was founded are disintegrating.

America’s ancient enemy is succeeding without launching a missile or firing a shot. And Khruschev’s  “we will bury you” prophecy will surely come true unless Americans recognize the danger in time.

Russia in the US election

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