The Russians are Winning


As the Republicans attack the FBI to protect Trump, Putin must be chortling. With the help of Russia and its bots, Americans are tearing their country apart.

Manufactured FBI “scandals,” for example, are circulating on right-wing web sites and social media. And Attorney General Jeff Sessions has just ordered an “investigation” into the agency.

The “scandals”  are fueled by Trump minions. One example is a memo authored by minion Devin Nunes.  Supposedly based on classified documents obtained from the Justice Department, it is widely touted as a “bombshell” in the right-wing echo chamber. But we the people have yet to learn what’s in the memo.

Even if the memo is eventually debunked (as you can bet it will be),  the minions will have accomplished their mission.

The low-information public will retain the impression that federal law enforcement agencies are tainted. It’s all part of a campaign to discredit investigators probing Trump’s suspected involvement in Putin’s election hacking.

Sadly, one side-effect of the anti-FBI crusade will be irreparable damage not only to  our national security but also to America’s standing in the world.

Trump’s antics, pronouncements and policies have already eroded America’s global leadership. Recent polls show trust in America is sinking. Currently, there’s more global trust in Putin than in Trump.

Whoever emerges victorious in America’s internal squabbles, Russia and China will be winners. If the infighting persists, it won’t be long before the once-mighty USA falls behind the two other super-powers in global prominence.

As Putin strives to rebuild the failed Soviet Empire, America’s downfall is an essential element of his master plan. His meddling in the American elections was not just to put his pawn Trump in power; it was also to sabotage American democracy. And the meddling persists.

There is abundant evidence of his relentless campaign to set Americans against each other as his agents and their bots continue to infiltrate social media and “conservative” websites.

He is getting a lot of help – unwittingly for the most part – from political extremists intent on destroying their opponents even if they weaken their country in the process.

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