The Social Networking dilemma between what is private and public

There is a  thin gray line between what is private and public that many website owners face everyday. It is not very different from what the average person on a social network faces however it is one level up. Before adding content to I have to consider how it may affect me privately and publicly.

With the emergence of social networking sites like twitter, facebook and myspace that process becomes even more complicated. It is difficult to separate the  personal from public/informational. What you post becomes a battle.

That came to light more clearly for me after reading the article on the suspected “twitter burglary“. The owners of a business posted that they made it to their destination location for vacation on time on Twitter. Their home was burglarized and they attribute it to people on twitter knowing they were not at home.

A similar crime could easily happen on facebook.  Lets say you have a facebook account and as many of you know the goal is to get as many friends as possible. Some of these friends may have “shady” pasts or be criminal elements. You make an mobile update to your Facebook account. This could give the impression you are not at home and hence open your residence up for a burglary.

Trying to running multiple accounts also becomes interesting.  Do I keep a personal and a social networking account to divide that gray line?

As we become more connected what to post, how to post and who to post to becomes complicated.