The Tale of Two Earthquakes

On January 12, the 7.0 earthquake brought Haiti to a heap.

On May 17, an earthquake, social in nature was unleashed in Jamaica. The Jamaica security forces launched an attack aimed at the Dudus elements of Tivoli Gardens, but the collateral damage of many innocent lives is just the beginning of the unintended domino effects that may include the head of a prime minister.

The Haiti tragedy is Katrina like, where the scenes of devastation are just overwhelming, while the Jamaican tragedy is like the BP oil spill. The genesis of this tragedy is a relentless gush below the sea surface of the society, with a helpless foreboding of multiple Loch Ness demons being unleashed.

The reaction to both tragedies is also varied. Haiti elicited a torrent of generosity. In contrast, Jamaica has suffered a sheer cliff fall-off in tourist visitors. Currently if you try giving your neighbor a week-end trip to our paradise, what would be their reaction? Chances are you will not get a warm hug, but a punch in the gut from the very aggressive, or a cut eye from the passive.

So where do we go from here? It is been said that “When working towards the solution of a problem, it always helps if you know the answer.”We thus set out to seek the wisdom of a constitutional attorney steeped in the history and possibilities of Jamaica. He is Professor David Rowe, a University of Miami adjunct professor with expertise in Jamaican extraditions.

Listen to his wisdom

As we recover from the shock and awe of the recent events, let us mourn yes, but let us remember that courage is the parent of success.

We have some heavy lifting ahead of us and strategic courage will be key to restore the land we love .