The Thug Life Culture

If Trump’s underworld connections were not already widely known, his rude, ugly behavior would be a dead giveaway. That’s how “gangstas” behave.

The “made men” in the mob swagger, bully and brag, treat women with disrespect and tell fantastic lies. So do the “gangsta” rappers. So does Trump.

And so do his minions.

Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte, provides a recent example of their thuggish behavior.

He is denying it, of course, but he body slammed a reporter last night, sending the poor guy sprawling and breaking his glasses. The reporter, Ben Jacobs of the Guardian, was  treated for an injured elbow.

Gianforte’s aides tell a totally different story. According t to them, it was the reporter who attacked Ganforte, pulling him to the floor. But Jacobs recorded the incident, and anyone hearing the tape will realize which version is true.

The evidence was convincing enough for Montana law officers. They have charged Gianforte with assault.

The Montana incident was not unique.

That’s the way Trump and his minions act.  They beat up protesters at their rallies, and they verbally and physically abuse media representatives. Several reporters have been roughed up by Trump supporters recently and one was arrested for questioning a politician too persistently.

Is this how America is evolving? Are we slipping inexorably into a Third World culture? Are we shedding our veneer of democracy and decency?

Montana’s voters may provide the answer to this question. They go to the polls today to choose a new congressional representative. If they choose Gianforte in spite of his “gangsta” behavior, we will know how far our society has deteriorated.

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