The Transition For Cultural Sports fan in USA…I feel sorry for Lindsay Davenport…


Each year after the NBA finals there is a “silence” in the US sports market for many. You can hear it on sport radio. These talk show have nothing to talk about. We the “cultured” sports fan (some may say elitist) don’t have this “silent” period. It so happens that the EURO cup starts to get “hot” (2nd round matches) right after the NBA finals. Then when the EURO cup is over Wimbledon starts to get “hot” and you see the best tennis in the world. Then right after that baseball starts to get “hot” and leads us right to NFL. This summer we have a bonus…the Olympics.

I clearly attribute my appreciation for all sports to my Jamaican upbringing. We got a little of everything on TV and also in PE class.

PS: I feel sorry the that Lindsay Davenport had her unfortunate knee injury and has to withdraw from Wimbledon 2008. She is a class act and one of my favorite women players.