George Will vs. the People’s Will



george-will-300x297Someone should enlighten George Will (at right) about democracy.  The syndicated columnist, who has been spreading right-wing propaganda for decades, wants the Republican Party to promote a boycott of Donald Trump in the November presidential election.

By now, it should be obvious to everyone, however blinded by bias they might be, that Trump reflects the prevailing values of a party that has courted America’s dark side for a generation or more. They sowed the bad seed; now they’re reaping the bad harvest they deserve.

Yes, Trump is a sexist, racist oaf. Yes, he is a rude, impulsive, dangerous buffoon who should not be allowed within miles of the Doomsday Button.

As Rachel Maddow suggested on MSNBC last night, he is reminiscent of the Barry Goldwater menace back in the Sixties.

But he is nevertheless the people’s choice.

Not my choice, of course. And surely not yours.

But he is the choice of millions of Americans. That’s just a fact.

I certainly don’t think he will be America’s choice in November. This society has been badly damaged over the past four or five decades – much of the damage resulting froom a massive right-wing propaganda crusade. But I can’t believe the damage is so extensive that a creep like Trump could be elected to the highest office in the land.

For better or for worse, Trump is the Republican Party’s standard bearer, however.

Party stooges like George Will can’t do much to stop him now. They get to vote in November just like you and me. That’s all.

It’s called democracy.

Who they vote for is up to them. As for me, I’m voting for Hillary.

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