Hillary’s Woman Card




Of course nobody should vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a woman as leader of the free world at last?

You may argue that women and men are the same, so what difference would it make?

But, at the risk of being labeled a sexist pig, I have to disagree. Women and men are not the same.

I don’t mean that women are inferior. Throughout history women have clearly demonstrated their equality to men – and in some ways their superiority.

But they are clearly different. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally, too.

And, as the French say, vive la difference!

Women are less likely to become physically violent for one thing. Our prisons are mostly populated by men – including many who committed some violent crime.

And when I used to report on industrial initiatives in developing countries, I noticed that the workers creating the new economies were almost entirely women. I was told they were more reliable, more conscientious, more patient and more meticulous than their male counterparts.

I won’t parade my vast ignorance on the subject of hormones, but I suspect they have something to do with the difference.

It’s that testosterone thing, I imagine.

I don’t know why women have been – and still are – so oppressed in so many societies. And I can’t begin to explain why women are still underpaid and under appreciated in a society as supposedly advanced as America’s.

But I do know that men definitely have an edge in today’s America. This is a nation of male privilege.

So when Donald Trump says Hillary has nothing going for her but her gender, I would ask what he has going for him except his gender?

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