The Worst Is Behind You!

“I know where I am going, because I know where I have been…..Nothing about my life has been easy. But nothing is going to keep me down, because I know a lot more today than I knew yesterday. So I am ready to carry on.”
Mary J. Blige -Lyrics for A Living Proof 

This is will be my last blog post for 2011. I never knew how much I would have enjoyed the writing process when I started MI CAN BE back in August of this year. It took me a minute to find my footing, but with every entry my writing has evolved. I have been tempted to delete a few of the earlier entires, because I didn’t feel like they were well written. But doing so would have defeat the whole purpose of this blog, which is to encourage others to embrace and learn from their failures while growing from it. Should you have the time to check out the genesis of this site click here.
We all have a story, our stories might not be hollywood blockbusters, but our stories have all the trappings of one. Some of our stories are reeling with suspense, horror, drama, romance, and comedy. Not everyone is willing to share their personal story with the world, as it infringes on their privacy. However, I believe some stories that we hold back from others out of the fear of being judged need to be told, in order to strengthen and encourage someone going through a personal hell.
I have chosen to share my story; one of defeat, failures, disappointments, set back, lost love, and bouncing back.  I desire to shed light on the path of those walking beside and behind me.  The year 2o11 has been a really trying one. Many times I felt like giving up. I felt like I was stuck in a cyclone, and as a result of thinking so I was indeed stuck. I had to learn how to adjust to some major changes, in the process I realized how spoiled I was. I resisted for as long I could, until I had no other choice but to surrender to the experience.  I was humbled. Now I am grateful.
2011 might also have been challenging for you, but the fact that you made it to the end of the year makes you a winner!  You know a lot more today than you did yesterday. You are much older and wiser now, so keep pressing on.  Don’t worry about what you can’t see, in time, all things will be revealed. Focus on where you are going and stop looking behind. As painful as your experiences might have been, they are over. I practice living in the moment, so that I won’t be  haunted by the memories of the past. Can’t say it has always been easy, but I keep reminding myself that my best days are in front of me.
The world is moving at such a fast pace, making it really easy for us to lose sense of what is important. As we embark upon 2012, not only make plans to fulfill your material and financial desires, but also give yourself permission to grow into the powerful person you were meant to be free. Return to sender all the baggages of self-defeat, failure, anger, loneliness, frustration, resentment, self pity  and everything else that have been holding you back from living your best life.
I wish for you peace, happiness, prosperity and abundance in all that you do.
See you in 2012!