The Best Of Jamaica Worldwide 2011 Poll Results Announced By

The votes are in for the Best of Jamaica 2011!!! Over 41,000 people were asked “What is the best of Jamaica?” in Jamaica and where they live. Categories included Tourist Life, Jamaica Life, Jamaica Shopping, Restaurants, Jamaican Foods and Diversions/Entertainment!!

Wherever you are in the world, there are the influences of Jamaica from food to music. Whether you are a native or simply a lover of Jamaican culture, our “Best of Jamaica” survey results has something for you.  Jamaicans and visitors alike have the opportunity to view the best in Jamaican food, accommodations and culture in Jamaica as well as major cities across the U.S.A., Canada and Europe, where there are large numbers of Jamaican nationals. Now you can find the Best of Jamaica 2011 Worldwide in one place; The winners can be found at (

The poll represented voting results for the island of Jamaica, and the U.S. cities of Atlanta; Boston; Chicago; Dallas; Washington, D.C.; Hartford; Houston; Los Angeles; Miami/Ft. Lauderdale; New Jersey; New York; Orlando; Palm Beach; Philadelphia; and San Francisco. Also weighing in was London, England and Toronto, Canada.

“The Best of Jamaica poll results has become the gold standard for what is the Best of Jamaica, as it is the voice of the people,” said Xavier Murphy, founder and CEO of “It is amazing to see Jamaica is influencing the world in the areas of food, entertainment, people and culture.

A wide variety of additional categories was featured in the poll. Participants had the opportunity to vote for their favorite, entertainer, athletes, reggae bands, reggae artists, radio personalities, restaurants, beaches, radio stations and newspapers. Also voted upon were top websites, craft and souvenir shops, and accommodations, as well as cultural and tourist attractions.