The Dudus Chronicles – A Belizean’s Take On The West Kingston Unrest! Will We Recognize Ourselves? August 21, 2010

On May 23rd the Jamaica Defence Force and the Jamaica Constabulary Force entered West Kingston to recapture Christopher “Dudus” Coke, named one of the world’s most dangerous men by the US Government.  It was a holiday in Jamaica – Labour Day – and a internationally renowned young Belizean artist, Hubert Neal Jr had just started his artist residency in Jamaica. It is his perspective and experience of the next two weeks that gave birth to the dudus chronicles!

The dudus chronicles shows a foreigner’s perspective on an incident that threatens to be a nine-day wonder and quickly forgotten by Jamaicans. The show chronicles such moments from the soldiers moving into Tivoli Gardens to Dudus peeing himself.

Hubert Neal Jr is an accomplished multifaceted artist and a Cornell graduate. He was a photojournalist in Belize, before deciding to do full-time art. He is also a cartoonist and has a series known as the bunnies come out at night. He previously did another artist residency in Miami at the renown Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami – a gallery that works exclusively with artists of Caribbean descent.

Come and join this accomplished artist in his first ever showing in Jamaica. No other exhibition has been done on this period of history. Come look at his work and look at ourselves, our history – the dudus chronicles. 

Event Details: August 21st, Grovesnor Gallery, at 7pm