“The Jamaican Jerk Tour” Film – A Local Foodie Tour Of The Origins And Elevation Of Jerk Cuisine, June 2-5, 2011

On June 2-5, 2011 Ruby Productions will be in Jamaica shooting the documentary, “The Jamaican Jerk Tour.”  This documentary, directed by an award winning documentarian, Diana O’Gilvie, will be the first to truly explore history and the global legacy of Jamaican jerk cooking.  This is the film crew’s second scheduled shoot on the island.

The production crew will be filming in Clarendon, Portland and Montego Bay.  The film will examine the traditional and street techniques of jerking in on woods, using the oil drums to world renowned chefs offering a jerk dish on their menus.  Jerk is a global phenomenon and this film intends to capture its humble beginnings and the rise in international appeal.

It strikes me that this is an excellent opportunity to open up a discussion to have your blog or website feature this documentary and to use it for positive global brand leverage.  The film is generating an internet buzz on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Jamaican-Jerk-Tour/203230009712718) as well as on the travel blog Love2TravelWrite.  Let’s strike up a mutual beneficial relationship where we can guest blog on each other’s formats and increase viewership on all our platforms.

Jerk is a religion in Jamaica.  Jamaica has many churches in a square foot area and twice as many jerk joints.  Most historians agree that the jerk method originated with the island’s first inhabitants, the Arawaks as a means of preserving meats.  The term ‘jerk’ refers to both the spice rub and the cooking method.  Jerking involves smoking meats on wood or charcoal, or in a hole in the ground.  Holes are poked in the meat to allow the spices to permeate for bold flavor.  Wet marinated or dry jerk rubs used interchangeably, depending on personal preference.  Every household has a special family recipe, so the ingredients are not the same across the board.  However, the essence hits the right notes of spiciness.

Jerk is typically a street food.  You’ll find jerk huts, and jerk pans on many street corners and country roads.  Locals flock to their favorite jerk spots on Fridays after a long work week and on weekend trips to the beach. Some vendors are particular to using no powdered seasons at all, only fresh herbs and spices.  No matter the combination of ingredients that are in the jerk recipe each vendor garners a loyal following.

The film will briefly touch on the history of jerking and how the cooking method has evolved. The question that’s central to the discussion is “What is it about jerk that has catapulted Jamaica into a global culinary star?” Culinary chefs like Marcus Samuelsson and Emeril Lagasse have used jerk seasoning in their restaurants and cooking shows.  Jerk is global, but its essence is in the simple amalgamation of organic ingredients grown in Jamaica.  Jerk has emerged from Jamaican street food to the menus of world class chefs who pontificate their ethnic offerings.

I look forward to speaking with you this week to securing your stake in this exciting project.

DIRECTOR – Diana O’Gilvie

Award winning documentary filmmaker, Diana O’Gilvie has been making documentaries for over 6 years.  Her latest film, the socially biting “Chasing Daddy” was selected by the American Theatre of Harlem Film Festival (2009) in New York; won Best New Honor Award at the Reggae Film Festival (2010) in Jamaica and specially selected at the Aluta Film Festival (2011) in South Africa.  Diana has lectured on film theory and taught film production courses at Dowling College, in Long Island, New York.  Her columns on food and travel are syndicated in Yaadinfo.com as well as Jamaicans.com pages.

In 2010, Diana was signed to the distribution UK distribution company, Reggae Films UK.  Recently she’s signed with UK owned, NY PR firm STOOSHPR.

 PR for the film will be conducted by New York company STOOSHPR.COM

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