The Plumber So Funny My Belly Buss, Delcita Does It Again, November 12, 2010

A plumber is a skillful person who specializes in the installation and maintenance of water systems used for drinking water, sewage or drainage. Now imagine what a Jamaican would do if he or she was asked to define the word on stage. Surely you would get a new definition that will make your eyes run with tears, laughter and joy, as my emotions experienced Friday night when I reviewed the hilarious Delcita starring in the Plumber.

That’s right. If you haven’t heard “The Plumber”, started its Greater Toronto Area (GTA) run Friday November 12 at Westview Centennial and continued on Saturday at the Rozz Entertainment Complex in Brampton. The Plumber will be in Scarborough today for two grand performances at Sir John A. Macdonald High school. Through songs and dance and cunning story telling Stages Production of Jamaica has produced another refreshing hit while maintaining the cultural essence of the island.

Starring the instigator Andrea Wright as Delcita and featuring Stamma, (Stede “Jooky Jam” Flash), a cheater (played by Belinda Reid) and a bad boy (played by Garfield Reid, the Plumber hits on all cylinders. To be fair, the performance would have had the entire audience rolling on the floor if were not in public, instead they settled for laughing until “their bellies buss”.

Paul O. Beale (writer/director) and director Stede “Jooky Jam” Flash, along with the production tandem of Stages Jamaica and Devon Haughton of Lolita Entertainment have done it again, with this excellent play. Without a doubt the “Plumber” is the hottest play to hail from Jamaica this year. I now understand why 20,000 people enjoyed the play in Jamaica and see why it is selling out in cities across the U.S (and now Canada).

If you missed the Friday or Saturday night performances, there is still time to make it out to Scarborough for the encores.