There will be blood

I predicted this would happen, I just didn’t know it would snowball so fast.  From before the election it was clear that Obama was going to win and that there was going to be a falling out in the GOP soon after… and it was never shaped to be pretty.  I just didn’t think it would happen this quickly because I overestimated the intelligence of the tea party, or more likely, underestimated their compulsive derangement.

Let’s take a step back.  From December 2011, I posted that the democrats and the republicans were planning together for an Obama win.  And I must say that without this coalition, organization or strategy or not, Obama might very well have lost. But that’s another story.

Here’s why this plan was hatched.  The moderate republicans, though they had embraced the surge the tea party gave them in 2010, came to realize that the tail had began wagging the dog, and the GOP was heading over its own cliff.

People like Boehner take their positions based on political strategy, not emotion.  The highly irrational tea party, like all extremists, only want everything burnt to the ground so that they can start over from scratch, a world in their own making.  And they are highly emotional in a toxic and combustible kind of way.

They want to take the world back in time.  Their models weren’t the period of enlightenment, but more to feudalism, the Dark Ages and the Inquisition. Science that didn’t their particular brand of religious fervor would be banned, religious beliefs would rule and well, burn baby burn.  And the GOP would be their weapon of massive destruction.  America would be re-made, the white male power structure would constitutionally remain firmly in place, women would know their place, there would be no abortions or planned parenthood, big bird would be dead, blacks would be the ‘drawers of water and hewers of wood’, immigrants would be shipped home except on Wednesdays through Fridays when some would be needed to cut the lawns and pick up the garbage.  It would be their great-great grandfather’s America again.  And from there they would launch their mania worldwide, even by force.

Just because they likely couldn’t make it happen, didn’t mean they weren’t going to try.  To the lunatic, it is trying that counts.  They don’t really care that much about failure.  If their mad grab for power succeeds, great.  If it fails, they are willing martyrs… better than doing nothing they will say.  Yeah, but not better than common sense thinking, I would say.

In failing to hoist their maniacal backwardness on this country, they would do irreparable harm, particularly to the republican party.  Such harm, that even the tea party’s failure would guarantee that the republicans would lose every election for decades.

You see, and this is what the moderates will point out to their financial backers… that historically, fanatics never know when to stop.  The bloodthirsty never stop after one taste of blood.  One by one, the witches would be sought out, tested and punished.

Only solution… fix the 2012 election… guarantee an Obama win, and then start rooting out the tea party.

And it has come to pass.  If Romney won, the tea party would have taken credit and even if Romney decided to veer center, there would be bloodshed.  But under a republican presidency, the dice could roll any which way.  The moderates could lose.  The only way to beat the tea party was to lose the election, and blame the party’s extremism.  And it has come to pass.

SInce losing the election, the moderate republicans have been moving to dismantle the tea party’s main planks, the one’s that gave them cause celebre.

Boehner and the moderates have also quickly moved to lessen the strength of the tea partyists by removing more and more of them from House committees, wiping out their influence.  The cracks were never going to be papered over because the moderates began to force the issue, first by shaping to abandon the ridiculous ‘no tax’ pledge, and now culling the herd. There is no sense of unity in the party now, and the only reason Boehner could be weeding out the ultra-conservatives at this time is the inevitable compromise with Obama.  For which he will be rewarded with fine words.

I figured that the tea party would have seen the rake, and that someone in the group would have suggested a little bit of strategy, a little bit of caution, a little bit of moderation.  Nope.  Unfortunately but predictably, the tea party has reacted with venom… just like the snake on their flag.

They would have still failed because the trap was well set and little they could do abut their political demise.  But a rabid dog always prefer a headlong rush. But really, the tea party is in no position to beat the moderates in any kind of contest.  The moderates still control the party machinery and most of all they control most of the party’s funding.  That most of all, is what’s going to strangle the tea party.

And the republicans will control the media war (believe me, fox will partner with them than the tea party), and they will have the support of moderates, independents and almost every democrat.  The weight of public opinion will crush them.

The tea party have already chosen the doomsday option, and in their rage and incitement, and I bet even this, the sniper’s scope will be turned inside the house.  There will be blood.

So its the charge of the crazed brigade… and the ending to this drama is going to be sooner than later.

The fiscal cliff is the logical place for the moderates to start undermining the tea party, by compromising with the president.  Also because they have no leverage over the president, and what leverage they don’t have gets less each day.  Remember how low the republican ratings had dropped during the primary debates when each was just smashing each other?  Thats gonna look tame to how the public will view this infighting.  Good luck trying to get any public support for your fiscal cliff negotiating position guys.

Compromising with a black president is totally out of the question for the tea party, much less yielding to the obvious superiority of his position. Might as well promise all their virgin daughters to marry black men, or muslims.  Not gonna happen.

So the trap was set, and the tea party reacted like a Pavlovian dog… ding dong.  They are programmed.  I predict that as this war increases, we are going to hear more and more about tea partyists with huge stocks of guns and explosives.  The word ‘terrorists’ will soon become synonymous with the tea party.

And the democrats laugh, and eventually Obama and Boehner will be toasting each other.  The internal threat to America will be over.  Game, set, match.