…they first make mad

John McCain is now finding out that once you open Pandora’s jar, it’s not so easy stuffing back the evils that escape. Having ramped up the tension against Barack Obama in his recognition of falling behind, McCain might be suffering pangs of conscience… something unfortunately not shared by the Joe 6-packs types of Sarah Palin.

Ok, it’s a bit unjust in laying at her feet, actions of extremist republican supporters. But it is undeniable that the PaCains made a stated position to go after Obama not on issues but on character. The PaCains made their primary strategy to be insinuating nastiness about Obama and his associations no matter how fleeting or ridiculous.

It is these two who stood by at rallies as the crowd uttered false and derogatory remarks and threats against Obama’s life. And they did nothing but lead the cheerleading. Now McCain might be seeing what he is letting loose and trying to pull back. But his pit bulls are in a frenzy and out for blood, and McCain is now finding that he is standing in their way.

It is very likely that very soon symbols of lynching will turn up at PaCain’s parties, in a subtle (or not so subtle) way to remind everyone what Obama is. Race is about to be openly introduced and McCain’s advisers are already pushing the envelope, walking as close to the edge as possible without actually crossing the line.

So what if supporters do? …that is to be expected in the heat and passion of the American electoral process, they will say.

In his desperate quest for political power it will be seen if McCain has a crisis of conscience, if the ‘man’ that was once considered decent, will have even a shred of decency left intact. Or whether he will be swept aside by the creation of both himself and his running mate. If he does have a crisis of conscience, it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that some republicans will be calling for him to be replaced by the gun-toting, hard-shooting, rabble-rousing, lipstick-wearing, aaah, lady.

What is worse is that she has been found ‘guilty’ of ethics violation in using her abusing her position of governor of Alaska to try to force the firing of her ex-brother-in-law. No matter how they spin this as a democratic ‘kangaroo court’, the fact is that the overall committee that led to the finding is bi-partisan, and one republican who was against the investigation, has at least admitted that it was professionally carried through.

To deflect attention, we will see more incendiary attacks on Obama and more mobs going wild. It has been reported that at a Palin rally in Florida, ‘… a racial insult was hurled at an African-American cameraman.

My thinking is that Palin and her supporters are not averse to starting a race war, or at least go to the brink of that in order to get her ass in the Oval Office.

Her central strategy is class warfare as she shows disdain for the city folks and intellectual elites, advertising herself as Mrs Joe 6-pack and a hockey mom. As she continues in that stereotype, it wouldn’t take much assume her position on niggers, particularly uppity ones.

Having gone this far, it is difficult to stop. Consequences, at this moment, matter little to the PaCains, but of the two, Sarah Palin appears to be the more insidious. And having let her loose, McCain might not be able to push little Ms Genie back to Alaska… and that might mean his own premature exit.

Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.
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In Los Angeles, a financial manager recently killed himself and his family (not in that order, dude) due to stress over financial losses. The man, Karthik Rajaram, was a unemployed financial manager. Interestingly, he had a master’s degree in finance business administration.

Mental health counselors in LA are preparing for other ‘copycat killings’, what with the present economic crisis.
And while on the topic of suicide, the Pennsylvania widow of a 23 y.o. Iraqi war veteran is suing the United States government for negligence, based on her late husband committing suicide.

This is not the only lawsuit in veteran suicide cases, and there are other lawsuits alleging that the government had allowed the health care system for veterans to deteriorate. Just last year I think, John McCain voted against a bill to improve care for veterans.

But here is a startling fact from the report: More than 150,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have sought mental health care from the VA, while over 200,000 have sought medical care.
In 1998, two teenagers, then 11 and 13 (Mitchell Johnson), shot to death 4 students and a teacher at a middle school in Arkansas. In the story, Johnson, who was released on turning 21, was quickly in trouble being arrested on New Year’s day 2007 for possession of GUNS (note plural) and drugs.

According to the report, he was arrested days after being found guilty on those charges for theft and possession of ganja. Apparently, after his conviction (for guns) he was freed on bail.