Third World Releases Heartfelt & Timely Visuals For “People Of Different Color”

On August 16th, 2020 Reggae Ambassadors Third World celebrated 47 years of their musical journey with live stream celebrations and the animated lyrics video premiere of “People of A Different Color” featuring Virgin Island reggae recording-artist Pressure BussPipe.

Third World Releases Heartfelt & Timely Visuals For “People Of Different Color” 2
On yet another timeless recording destined to become a classic, members Stephen “Cat” Coore, Richie “Bassie”, Daley, AJ Brown, and Tony “Ruption” Williams and Norris “Noriega” Webb call for racial harmony with honest and poignant lyrics that are more significant than ever amid worldwide crises that have plagued 2020.

Set against a colorful and vibrant backdrop, the multi-GRAMMY nominated band enlists fans to sing-along with their lyrical video that offers gorgeous storybook type scenery depicting different cultures, races, creeds, and religious beliefs around the world. “People of a Different color praying to a different name, let’s find a way to get along with each other”
“Blessed to be apart of this project with Third World, the song “People of a Different Color” shines a light on what we can be as a people if we put our differences aside no matter religion, ethnicity, or nationality. Music that should help to heal the world from now and years to come.” – Pressure BussPipe
“People of A Different” is the fourth track from the critically acclaimed GRAMMY nominated MORE WORK TO BE DONE album produced by multi-Grammy-award winning artist and producer Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
“People of a Different Color with Pressure Busspipe offers a universal appeal through the lyrics and rhythm. Not only are the lyrics deeply honest, but the delivery evokes such powerful imagery and feeling that it could strictly be poetry.” – 360mag