Those Damn Emails



protests2This nation is at war at home and abroad.  As US troops battle enemies in foreign lands, white American police officers and black civilians are gunning down each other across the country.

In Baton Rouge a black man is shot dead at point blank range while two cops straddle his helpless body. In St. Paul, a black man is shot dead while sitting in his car after a traffic stop. These are just the most recent incidents in a long series of apparently racially motivated killings by police. Protests are raging all across America.

In Dallas this morning, five policemen are dead and seven wounded in an ambush.

Terrorists – foreign and homegrown – are committing mass murder across the land. Crazies armed with military-grade weapons are mowing down crowds of innocent people, including little children.

So what is Congress holding a hearing about today?

Hillary’s emails.

Not gun violence. Not keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists. Not failed law enforcement. Not the criminal justice system. Not racial profiling.

The issue that Republicans find most urgent in today’s America is Hillary’s use of her private server for official correspondence. They want her charged. They want her in jail.

Their hatchet man — FBI Director James Comey – made sure to smear Hillary when he couldn’t find evidence to indict her. But that wasn’t good enough for his pals in Congress. They are enraged at his failure to trump up charges against her. They have called a special hearing to examine his conduct.

How long will Americans tolerate this idiotic behavior? When will they demand an end to the silly and wasteful hate-Hillary crusade? When will they force their elected representatives to address the real issues that plague our society?

Until they do, this country will continue its inexorable slide into chaos.

Cops and protesters at war

Republicans pursue their agenda