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This Week On Digicel Rising Stars – The Eclectic Eight Do Their Best At Their Worst!

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Sunday night’s show began this season’s recurring theme, the Challenge Show. Each week, the remaining contestants will be presented with a challenge that tests their voice and their musical talent, and at the end of the night, the judges decide who wins the challenge, and escapes elimination, and which contestants will have to face the music the following Saturday night. Eight contestants are still in the running to become Jamaica’s 2011 Digicel Rising Star: Anna, Latty J, Delando Colley, VOH, Rocio, Dominic Young, Jah Flaamez and Tash!  And all will retain their vote numbers so voting is made easier.
As the first Challenge Show, Sunday night did not disappoint, as the eight finalists did their best at performing a song from their least favourite genre. While some contestants weren’t quite right, others had the Courtleigh Auditorium audience on their feet, cheering loudly!
Also this week was the launch of the brand new Blackberry Chill room! The Intense Chicka Pepita held the Chill Room down again this year, interviewing the contestants after their performance and sharing the views of the Digicel Rising Stars fans from Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry Messenger.
Joining the ever radiant Tessanne, and hilariously honest Bambino, was this week’s guest judge, Mr. ‘Tek Weh Yuh Self  ‘ Vegas.
Outstanding Performances

Delando Colley, known for his baby face and smooth voice that has the high school girls screaming for more, didn’t live up to expectations last week, but shone this week. Though Rock is his least favourite genre, his rendition of U2’s With or Without You impressed both the judges and the audience alike. All three judges agreed that his song selection truly showed up the capabilities of his voice, and showed that he earned his place in the eclectic eight.
Is Rocio’s least favourite genre Country Western? We couldn’t tell, as she rocked Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats, showing her vocal range and power, and stage presence, she had the audience out of their seats and cheering, and the judges beaming. After correcting her on her mic control, Tessanne commended her saying: “I thought it was great that you came out here and showed a different side of yourself… your voice has that resonance that goes so well with Country Western. I enjoyed the performance”. Bambino agreed, saying: “I think it was a pretty good performance, I liked the attitude coming across the stage”. And Mr. Vegas said simply: “I think you have a real good voice and I think you going go real far inna this competition.”
Star on the rise, and the winner of Sunday’s Challenge show was none other than this year’s It girl, Tash! Though she claimed Hip Hop was her least favourite genre, she out performed Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s Telephone! Tash nailed the parts of both artistes, dance moves and all, and had the audience screaming her name! Even the judges were blown away! Searching for words, Tessanne finally said:  “You are a star! And I continue to ask, Where have you been?!” Bambino still enjoying himself in the afterglow of Tash’s performance, added: “I think you’re a star, the Beyonce role, the Lady Gaga role, you just transformed yourself as soon as the beat came on, I loved how you did the song!”  While Mr. Vegas, still in shock said: “You left everybody in awe. I’m seeing you for the first time, and I hope Rising Stars gets you into the right hands when this is over, because trust me, you goin win!” then continued “You’re a super star, right now if you tek di stage wid me, mi fraid!”

Host Terri-Karelle Reid held it down for the fashionistas once again, in a fitted, Grecian inspired one shoulder, crème cocktail dress with black accents and bedazzled gladiator pumps. Meanwhile the contestant’s outfits are beginning to reflect their eclectic personality. This is especially the case with Tash, whose Gaga-esque mini black dress with glitter-gold puffed and pointed sleeves and gold peep toe pumps showed her up as the true star she is. Latty J’s little black dress with the leopard print sleeves and bodice also turned heads on stage.
Designer Carl Sway made his name known when Jah Flaamez sported one of his original pieces, a white pant suit with gold and purple accents. And sporting a preppy look that won him a place in the girls’ hearts was Delando, who wore a green polo with a blue cardigan, black pants and matching black and green sneakers.
Judges Comments

After VOH’s not quite right performance of Maroon 5’s This Love proved why Rock is their least favourite genre, the judges gave their honest, and in the case of Bambino, hilarious comments.
Obviously disappointed, Tessanne commented “I know what you’re capable of, and I don’t feel like I saw that tonight … It was not my favourite performance of the night.”
“I know you are way capable of giving me better. If its you’re least favourite music, at least you should pick one that matched you vocally. I think the fans at home were disappointed.”  Mr Vegas said, agreeing with Tessanne.
And after asking for the lead singer of the group, Bambino asked him directly: “So wah, you send out everybody tonight to just give dem a likkle part, a likkle buss?”  He then continued more seriously “Singing harmony on a rock beat is not easy. You have to send the best one forward to do the job and everybody in the background do what them need to do ‘til you go through to the next week.”
Tune in to TVJ at 9pm this Saturday when the 2 contestants with the lowest votes must duel in a sing-off and voting lines will re-open for Jamaica to choose who stays and who goes.  And on Sunday at 8pm find out whom from the eclectic eight will stay and meet the first of the three wild cards.  And don’t forget to vote!

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