Those “Damn Emails”



As Bernie Sanders famously – and admirably –  declared, the public is sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails.”

But the press isn’t.

And the Republican Party sure isn’t.

The Republicans keep beating that tired old drum, darkly insinuating that Hillary’s indictment is just around the corner. And the gullible media keep promoting their slander.

At last night’s presidential primary debate,  Univision’s Jorge Ramos (above, left) asked Hillary whether she would drop out of the race if she were indicted.

If I were in the audience I would have booed that question. It was rude and stupid. Ramos has plummeted in my esteem for asking it.

Hillary was understandably exasperated.

“I’m not even answering that question,” she said.  She patiently explained – one more time – that no indictment is possible because she did not use her home computer for information that was marked “classified.”.

Of course there will be no indictment. Hillary has committed no crime. She merely did what other government officials have so often done – including her Republican predecessors. While she was secretary of state, she used her home computer for official correspondence.

By keeping the email “scandal”alive, Ramos is contributing to a favorite Republican campaign weapon.

The party has even filed a lawsuit to force the State Department to give them all of Hillary’s emails.

You and I know what they’re up to. They don’t expect to find out anything they don’t already know. They are just using every means at their disposal to keep suspicion alive.

Shame on Jorge Ramos for helping them.

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