Tia Mowry: Motherhood Is ‘More Emotional Than I Expected’
Jill Johnson/JPI

Good things come to those who wait — except in Tia Mowry‘s case!

When son Cree Taylor arrived on June 28, five days earlier than his expected due date, the actress was thrilled to finally see an end to her pregnancy.

“I was told to be prepared for him to come before or after my due date,” Mowry, 33, tells BET.com. “I was excited to get this baby out of me.”

And although she was prepared for the possibility of welcoming baby early, Mowry admits she didn’t anticipate the sudden wave of feelings after meeting her son.


“It’s a lot more emotional than I expected. I knew it would be emotional, but I didn’t know it would be this emotional,” she says. ”People always say you never know love until you have your own child and all of that is true.”

Completely “obsessed” and “involved” with Cree, caring for a newborn is already taking a toll on the new mom.

“I didn’t know I’d be this exhausted. I’m so sleep deprived,” she reveals. “When I talk to other mothers about it they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, honey, and it doesn’t change. Your body just gets used to it.’”

Fortunately first-time father Cory Hardrict is happy to step up to the plate when it comes to baby boy.

“He’s changing diapers, he’s feeding, bathing, all of it,” Mowry shares. “At night I pump bottles so he can do feedings.”

And with Mowry — who has shed 25 pounds “from breastfeeding” — returning to the set of The Game in September, life is about to get a whole lot more hectic.

“[Cree] is definitely coming with me,” she explains. “I’m excited, but very nervous about how I’m going to balance things out because right now I get no sleep and I’m gonna have to memorize lines. Lack of sleep and studying don’t go hand in hand for me.”

Despite her busy schedule, Mowry couldn’t be happier with her timing of starting her family with Hardrict, noting the decision to wait “when you’re older helps you emotionally. You’re much more stable. I’m more stable in my life.”

Ecstatic to be a mother, Mowry is ready for her Tia and Tamera co-star — and twin sister! — Tamera to share in the experience.

“At her wedding I said in my speech that she needed to get on it — now!”

– Anya Leon