Tiger Woods may not have a problem being called black…
Vanity Fair Cover with Tiger Woods
Vanity Fair Cover with Tiger Woods

I did not want to enter the Tiger Woods debate but some recent revelations has forced me to get on my soap box. That includes Vanity fair digging up an old interview and photo from his past.

I know quite a few people that are happy he is in trouble. They despise him because he says he is “Cablinasian” (CAucasian, BLack, INdian, and ASIAN) and not “Black”. These fast few weeks however has revealed that he may not have a problem being called black after at all, even though that is the least of his problems.

Here is a snippet of an alleged text message between Tiger and Jaimee Grubbs

“Figured you would say that,” Woods wrote. “Big black guys.”

Grubbs replied, “u are my first, last and only black guy.”

His porn star Mistress proclaimed in a video that “Tiger is The Whitest Black BOY Ever!

I don’t hear any protests from Tiger. He could be fine with others thinking he is black. Maybe he thinks he is even though in public he says he is not. Maybe he does not mind being called back because of the sexually stereotypes that these women beleive helps his cause to get to them into bed. The bottom line is that he may not mind being called black in certain circumstances.