Tired of the LeBron & Miami Heat haters…

Photo source: NBA Photos on Flickr

I am tired of the LeBron & Miami Heat haters dominating the sports new cycle. Michael Jordan’s latest comments are a half truth. If his team back then had the cap space to sign Magic or Bird he would not say no. Being he is now an NBA owner would he say no to have then on the Bobcats?

Barkley went to join Hakeem and Drexler for a championship run. Jordan had a very good team. Yes they did not win without him, but Pippen led them to a 55-27 record that year.

How will Cleveland do without LeBron?

Jordan can mention he wanted to beat these guys but he welcomed the trade (not free agency) for Rodman who was one of his nemeses. If he truly wanted to beat “these guys” he would have said no to Rodman. He wanted to win.

The comparison between James and Jordan has always been flawed. Before he entered the league the comparisons were to Magic Johnson. No one will ever replace Jordan or his legacy.

I love Kobe and the Lakers. They were the first team I was introduced to in Jamaica (while at JC…Heat fan since I live in South Florida) but he also will never surpass Jordan.  These comparisons need to stop.

Kevin Garnett (KG) as smart, as he realized that no matter how many times the Wolves rebuilt they could never get star players there. No one wants to play in that city. It is the same thing with Cleveland. Now one wants to go there.

I have never heard them say Boston is KG’s team, but I have heard team say Rondo has taken away the leadership from the big 3 and it is now his team.

The legacy discussion will die 5 years from now when Lebron has a championship. There will be no reports that say “Lebron James won a championship because he joined forces with Wade and Bosh”.

Championships kill the discussion. Kobe is a prime example of this legacy discussion. His legacy was supposed to be tarnished by the rape allegations. His legacy was to be tarnished by him pushing Shaq out of town. His legacy was tarnished when he demanded a trade in the off season just before Gasol got there. Look at Kobe now. He is the standard…I say in 5 years this discussion will be dead…the media and people have short memories..