Too Debased for the Base


Yes, Alabama, you’re better than many of us thought. You refused to stoop to conquer. Not that low, anyway. Not as low as Trump and Bannon (photo) would have you stoop.

Not to the level of the likes of Roy Moore 

For the first time in decades, Alabama, you voted a Democrat into the US Senate last night. Even the state that bred George Wallace couldn’t take Trump’s kind of ugliness any more.

Let this be a sign to you, Trump. And to you, Bannon. And to the craven Republicans who put up with you because they feared your base.

You and your ilk are proving too debased even for your base.

They might be a basket of deplorables, as Hillary (unwisely) observed. But even deplorables draw the line somewhere. They balked at molesting 14-year-old girls. They cringed at quoting the Bible as an excuse for breaking the law. They rejected the raw racism of the white supremacists and the atrocities of sexual predators. And they refused to embrace obscenity and vulgarity as an alternative to “political correctness.”

Not all of them, of course. But enough to turn the tide in favor of decency.

You will hear that it was turnout by black voters that sank Moore. Or an epiphany experienced by college educated white voters. And those were undeniably important factors in the stunning upset by Democrat Doug Jones (photo at right).

But I think the clincher came from the base. Trump’s loyal followers backed away this time. Many stayed home.  Some wrote in the names of other Republicans. (You think a few might even have voted for the Democrat?)

Surely,  the Republicans in Congress will get the message.

Trump is turning out to be a toothless tiger. They need fear him no more.

The Senate race in Alabama