Top Class Artistes For Reggaelution

This is Buju’s only performance in Jamaica this year and any fan who wishes to see him has to come to It’s A Reggaelution, wait until next year or fly to Europe.

Never before in Jamaica has an all-inclusive featured live performances and the top flight artistes involved are excited at the opportunity to perform in such a relaxed atmosphere. On December 6, 2008 the Liguanae club will be transformed by quality music, delightful drinks and great food.

Etana, reggae rising star and first princess is fresh off her US tour and is ecstatic at the opportunity of performing on such a stage. From her debut single Wrong Address to her now infectious I Am Not Afraid, Etana has come into her own.  Etana fully believes in her message and performs with a heart and passion that captures and encapsulates her fans. This will be Etana’s first performance in Jamaica in months and she has been busy preparing to give the patrons an excellent set.

Buju Banton is no stranger to performing in front of the demanding Jamaican crowd, however, this is the first time he will be performing in such a setting. The reggae and dancehall icon has a catalogue envied by most in the music business. Buju Banton has straddled both sides of popular Jamaican music, from being a prolific dancehall maestro to now an enlightened Rastafarian reggae singer world renowned for his conscious yet electrifying performances.

This is Buju’s only performance in Jamaica this year and any fan who wishes to see him has to come to It’s A Reggaelution, wait until next year or fly to Europe.

“It’s an joy and a pleasure to be part of such an experience. This is the first time I am performing in Jamaica this year and I am looking forward to the opportunity of reconnecting with the people and continuing the message. Music is life and my desire is to share it with the audience taking Reggaelution to higher heights”. – Reggae Star Buju Ban

Not boasting the stature in Jamaica as the other two headliners mentioned before, Rootz Underground has garnered a strong following both in Jamaica and the United States since their debut in 2002. Rootz boasts a fresh album dubbed Hammer that has been doing very well and a lead singer with never-ending energy, Stephen “Stevie G” Newland. Rootz Underground is set to bring down their house if their past performances are anything to go by.

“We feel wonderful about it because we are pleased every time we get the chance to show the people Rootz Underground. We have been touring in the United States but when we come to Jamaica we the feel a hundred percent at home on stage. It’s just a different vibe here and when mixed with a concept like Reggaelution it has to be magic”.  – Rootz lead singer Stevie G

Last but not least from the lineage of reggae royalty Tarrus Riley has come into his own regularly belting out conscious uplifting music to the masses. Tarrus has carved out his own niche in the reggae world and has a large following that transcends the shores of Jamaica. From his gigantic hit She’s Royal to the cerebral Lion Paw, the talent and livity of the artiste is seldom matched.

“I am ready for It’s A Reggaelution.  It will be good to perform in such a relaxed atmosphere, I am happy to be part of the first staging and I will bring the sober consciousness that Tarrus Riley is known for”. Reggae singer Tarrus Riley.

Proud to have the opportunity of hosting such good artistes under one roof, Rasta Rules CEO Tara Palyfair-Scott is hard at work.

“We are very happy that we could have the opportunity to bring top class acts, creative DJ’s and phenomenal sponsors to help create what will be a truly unique event. We are pulling out all the stops to ensure that everything is in place to make It’s A Reggaelution the best it can be and patrons will remember this event for years to come”. Rasta Rules CEO Tara Playfair-Scott

On December 6 all roads will lead to the Liguanae Club where Jamaica’s first and only all inclusive live concert will be staged forever changing the entertainment landscape.