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Top Dancehall Deejays Plan ‘Three The Hard Way’ Takeover At ‘Reeewind & Come Again’

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With “Reeewind & Come Again” just two days away, the excitement for the event has reached an all time high. In the past week alone, artists on the “Reeewind” line up have been on an interview frenzy. There is an incredible buzz in the streets about a “three the hard way” take over when Shabba, Tiger and Admiral Bailey touch down on the Amazura stage.  In fact, Shabba suggests that “Reeewind” will be reminiscent of an 80’s, 90’s explosive set.

Admiral Bailey is definitely a sound system deejay at heart.  His career, which began with King Jammy’s, spans three decades.  He actually joined Jammy’s at a time when his new digital dancehall riddims were ruling the world. Although Admiral Bailey started with a few minor hits, his career would soon soar with the song “Politician” and the dancehall-defining anthem “Punany.”  With this hit, Admiral Bailey became a premiere dancehall star.  And “Punany” set the standard for dancehall music to follow.
Admiral Bailey continued to deliver a string of dancehall hits that helped define the era like “Jump Up,” “Think Me Did Done.” “Kill Them With It,” “Big Belly Man,” “Gal You Body Good,” “Healthy Body” and countless others. Admiral Bailey remains a dominant force in dancehall music. The deejay, who is credited with being an incredible performer and master deejay, boasts an infinite catalogue of hits.  Admiral Bailey is anxious to toast on the one-and-only King Stur Gav sound, along with fellow members of the dancehall fraternity.

Although Tiger first made his first recording under the name Ranking Tiger in 1978, it was his hits in the latter part of 80’s that helped make him the face of dancehall music. Tiger ushered in the genre during the late 80’s with a larger-than-life stage presence, eccentric deejaying style and bold fashion sense. Tiger mastered deejaying, incorporating growls, grunts and back of the throat singing into his style.  Add humorous lyrics and hardcore riddims to this already zesty mix and there was the makings of a dancehall superstar. Songs like “Ram Dancehall,” “No Wanga Gut,” “When,” “Me Name Tiger,” “No Puppy Love,” among many others, made Tiger a dancehall icon. Tiger’s eccentric style of fashion became just as popular as his music.
Ultimately, Tiger’s impressive catalogue of music landed him a deal with a mainstream label and enabled him to work with select R&B and Hip Hop artists. Tiger’s career was abbreviated after he had a near fatal motorcycle crash in 1994. Tiger is proudly making his highly anticipated return to the New York stage at “Reeewind.” This class act promises to not disappoint his fans.  Like Admiral Bailey, Tiger moonlighted during his early years on a sound system — Black Star to be exact.

Shabba Ranks almost needs no introduction.  He is indisputably on of Reggae music’s most successful artists.  In the early 90’s, Shabba Ranks became one of the first deejays to gain widespread acceptance and recognition for his ‘slack’ style of dancehall music.  Perhaps, it was Shabba’s husky voice and dance moves that anchored his presence.  Shabba Ranks is “one of the most prolific dancehall artists to break into mainstream popularity.”  Shabba’s hits strecth as long as the Nile River. But one can’t help reflect on dancehall classics like “Dem Bow,” “Mr. Loverman,” “Trailer Load a Girls,” “Wicked inna Bed,” “Caan Dun,” “Ting A Ling,” “Just Reality” and many more.

All Shabba has to do is say “A mi man” and the crowd will roar in excitement. Notably and much to his credit, Shabba was the first Reggae artist to win a Grammy.  Shabba is geared up to make an electrifying return to the stage at “Reeewind.”  Because Shabba does not perform often, fans will surely be in for a treat when this legend rides the infectious King Stur Gav riddims.
“Reeewind & Come Again” is guaranteed to be an event of historic proportion. Get ready for a sold-out, electrifying session when these dancehall greats take over Amazura “three the hard way!”

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