Trevor Smith – Leading the Way to a Winning Future

I am sure you remember the story of the little boy who declared , “The Emperor has no clothes!”

Ever wondered what happened to that little boy?



Mr. Trevor Smith,  of Extended Disc – Caribbean

Well his spirit of honesty for the betterment of all lives on and can be found in Mr. Trevor Smith.  He is a guru in people skills and performance enhancement.  What else would you expect!


The popular byline, Jamaica, no problem can lull us to a naive place of settling, not seeing the cultural landmines that will wreak further havoc on our fragile state.


Mr. Smith has been studying the macro cultural attributes that are critical in the 21 st. century success. One of those key ingredients is leadership.  Here are a few reason why leadership is key. Leaders:

  • Create visions and excitement
  • Set a direction
  • Align people
  • Build new relationships and structure
  • Motivate and inspire


His company has a universally accepted measuring rod to assess a current situation, and the resources to affect positive change.

The Success with PeopleTM (SWP) strategy uses a tried-and-proven theory known as “DISC theory” to describe how people behave. The beauty of this approach is that instead of having to make adjustments for people being in different circumstances or having to make allowances for their mood swings, we can focus on an identifiable and short list of behaviors.


The numbers in bracket represent the global average, followed by the Jamaican measure.

  • Dominance – the tendency to take control of situation (12, 17).
  • Inducement – the tendency to interact with and influence others (31,12).
  • Steadiness – the tendency to work harmoniously and consistently in team setting (30,26).
  • Compliance – the tendency to focus on rules, structure, and details (25,43)


The leadership gap is disturbing for those who appreciate the skill set mix needed going forward.

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If we learn anything from history it is that break through moments come when someone ask uncomfortable questions, challenge popular perceptions, and call us to a different journey.  Gandhi and Mandela are just two examples of folks who faced  a lot of heat by questioning the status quo, but are we all the better for their insights?



Mr. Smith is in the process of getting an even more comprehensive measure of Jamaica’s leadership profile.  In mid December, there will be a national kick-off of this initiative. This is one of the easiest means of contributing to Jamaica.


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The access code is RES-jamaica2009..

This is a worthy 15 minute investment. Remember:


It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: The music is Nothing if the audience is deaf.

Walter Lippman