Trivializing a Deadly Impasse


With the spread of social media, the shallowest and silliest aspects of human nature are on widespread display. And the mainstream media are exploiting the silliness.

So when Trump calls Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man” and Kim responds by dubbing Trump a “dotard,” the press has a field day.

When Trump threatens to “totally destroy” North Korea, the press enthusiastically reiterates his extravagant rhetoric.

At the risk of being regarded as a spoilsport, I deplore this kind of childishness.

It trivializes a life-and-death situation.

Trump and Kim are not two trolls trading insults on Twitter. They are commanders of real military powers.  Nuclear powers.

War is not a game on Xbox. The explosions are not special effects. Real buildings are blown up.  Real people – men, women and children – die.

Real war is contagious. It spreads. It escalates. It is uncontrollable.

Nuclear war is unthinkable.

The prospect of a nuclear war is nothing to joke about. This is not the time for posturing. It’s the time for sober negotiation to define the underlying cause of the conflict and find any possible terms of agreement.

If there are any adults in positions of global influence, their intervention is urgently required. Obviously, Trump and Kim cannot be allowed to continue their dangerous game.

The future of the world is at risk.

The war of words