Trump is at it Again

i think the world of Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell  and the rest of the MSNBC crew, but I suspect they’re falling for one of those classic Trump gambits. They are seriously pondering the implications of Trump firing Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed to dig up the facts behind the Russian hacking scandal.

Of course Trump is capable of firing Mueller. He is a stop-at-nothing kind of guy. But he isn’t going to do it yet.

He has his minions leaking dire threats about him “considering” Mueller’s ouster as a kind of shot across the bows of the investigation.

Trump is serving notice that if the investigation gets too close to home, Mueller will get the boot. It’s Trump’s ace in the hole.

And he is providing yet another diversion for those Republican schemers in Congress, who are currently meeting in secret to sneak through a radical health law do-over that will leave tens of millions in the lurch.

While the liberals focus on outrage over the audacious suggestion that Trump would dare to fire Mueller, the enemies of the people are crafting an unspeakably evil agenda in Congress.

And, by the way, any talk of Sessions resigning rather than doing Trump’s sinister bidding is poppycock. Sessions is up to his armpits in the Russian conspiracy. He has even more to fear from Mueller than Trump does. As I understand it, Trump faces at worst impeachment, while Sessions could end up behind bars.

Nixon didn’t go to jail. But his minions were jailed in droves in the wake of the Watergate investigation.

I would think Trump’s minions might learn from Watergate. They should save themselves before it’s too late.

But they’re not smart enough to do that – or they wouldn’t be working for Trump in the first place, would they?

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