He Isn’t the Only Problem


Republican Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker have identified the dangers presented by Trump, but they haven’t identified their party’s inherent problem.

Simply put, the party stands for everything that’s inhumane. unworthy and un-American.

At its core, the GOP is – like one of those “whited sepulchers” – “full of rotting bones.”

Of course Trump is obviously unfit for the job of president. He is a psychotic, malicious and malignant thug.

The senators are absolutely right in condemning his unacceptable behavior.

But that’s just one reason for the Republican Party’s inability to govern.

They have tricked the voters into giving them control of the government but they cannot govern effectively because “we the people” will not accept implementation of their disastrous policies.

America is at heart a benign democracy. The vast majority of Americans believe that “all men are created equal,” and that we should “do unto others as we would that they should do unto us.”  The vast majority of Americans believe in “brotherhood from sea to shining sea” and in being like “the Good Samaritan.”

Yes, they have their differences. Yes, they are sometimes misguided and misinformed. And they are, after all, only human; they have their share of human frailties.

But Americans are not – as a people – rapacious and mean spirited. The vast majority of Americans are kind-hearted and fair-minded. They believe in a level playing field and playing by the rules.

And they will not be governed for long by politicians who promote, however sneakily, oppression and injustice.

I am not cheering the mini-revolt that’s taking place in the Republican Party. To me, it doesn’t matter so much who’s leading the wolf pack; they’re still a pack of wolves. Even when they put on sheep’s clothing.

And I trust in the wisdom of the people to set things right – eventually.