Trump’s Silly Suggestion

cartoonOf course Donald Trump wants Bernie Sanders to run a third-party campaign. It would split the Democratic vote and put a Republican – Trump thinks it will be him – in the White House.

But, ironically, it could be Trump who runs as a third-party candidate in November.

Bernie got into the presidential race to raise the awareness of socialist policies in America. He achieved that goal – and more. But he has nothing to gain by sabotaging Hillary’s candidacy.

Trump lied, as usual, when he said the Democratic Party has treated Bernie horribly.

What could Bernie expect from the party? He isn’t even a Democrat; he is a self-proclaimed Socialist who has run as an Independent throughout his career. Hillary has been a Democrat for nearly all of her adult life. A Democrat active in party politics with a lifetime of chips to cash in.

While he caucuses with Democrats in the Senate, Bernie has run against Democratic candidates and criticized President Obama in the past. He could not have expected his johnny-come-lately Democratic candidacy to win much support among the party brass.

No, Bernie will not run as an Independent. He will stay in the Democratic race, quixotically battling for a party platform that includes his pet proposals – a $15 minimum wage, free college tuition, Medicare for all, and so on. How much he will get remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, despite his shocking sweep of last night’s primaries, Trump has not secured the Republican nomination and powerful forces are lining up against him. If he fails to win on the first ballot, his hopes will be toast.

And while Bernie is too decent to run a spite campaign, Trump isn’t.

If he doesn’t get the Republican nomination, Trump’s huge ego could prompt him to run as a third-party candidate. And that would ensure the history making election of America’s first female president.

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