David Smith Funded Turks And Caicos Civil Service

Dr. Christopher Walker an Orlando Florida surgeon who hired two private detective agencies in his crusade to uncover the truth behind the OLINT Ponzi scheme, when interviewed last week reported that evidence exists which suggests David Smith may have paid the salaries of the civil servants in the Missick TCI government at varying times in 2008.

These payments came reportedly from OLINT investor funds without the permission of OLINT stakeholders.

As the lawsuits against OLINT and Michael Missick enter the discovery phase, there will be ample evidence concerning OLINT co-mingling funds with the TCI government.

This funding of the TCI government may involve the payment of bribes or kickbacks using well known TCI law firms as intermediaries.

The findings of the Auld Commission support the views of most OLINT investors, who contend that no permission was given to David Smith to use or transfer their funds for political party or government funding.

Investors continue to call upon David Smith and his co conspirators to disgorge all investor funds received and begin prompt repayment.

Currently an ongoing US Federal investigation into OLINT exists which observers believe will result imminently in the indictment of Smith and his co-conspirators.

Smith continues to frustrate US law enforcement as they attempt to unearth where he has hidden over US $1 billion dollars. To date, US$ 100 million dollars was found to be transferred to Isaac Martinez in Lake Mary Florida, a finding that was corroborated by the US National Futures Association.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have launched an investigation into wire transfers sent by Smith to third parties such as Isaac Martinez, which were sent through Hallmark Bank in the TCI.

Smith is expected to be extradited from the TCI after the US Federal indictment is entered against him.