Tuskegee Experiment and why we need to be vigilant…especially for the poor

i will not say trust no one. i will say stay vigilant.
there is a history of exploitation of the poor for the benefit of the rich
of the coloured for the benefit of whoever
there is a history of exploitation period
and it is up to us to look out
for ourselves
for each other
to ensure that something like this never happens again
leaving humans untreated to see how a disease would kill them, over a period of over 40 years, takes the collusion of many many people. if even one of them had the guts and the compassion to speak out, lives could have been saved.
And there was a moment when each of them thought it and dumbed down. for the sake of a job or science or fear
open your mouth and speak, wherever there is injustice. you may not be able to change the world, but you may change the life of one person, if even to keep them alive.
eradicate poverty, and in the mean time, stand up for the poor