JAMPACT Launches Tuition Assistance Program, April 22, 2008, Kingston


New York, April 14, 2008: Jamaica Impact Inc. (JAMPACT), the New York based NGO will launch its Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) on Tuesday, April 22nd at Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica, 6:00 p.m. The program will partially finance JAMPACT’s adopted basic schools’ administrators and teachers in their pursuit of higher education and professional development in the field of education.

“We are thrilled about this highly significant new level of responsibility JAMPACT will undertake with this program,” said the TAP architect and launch organizer, Education Chair Diane Samuels. “The Tuition Assistance Program is a direct response to two crucial areas challenging Jamaica’s education system—early childhood and teacher training. The program will allow JAMPACT to fulfill its mandate to provide professional development for educators, and therefore help build human capacity in Jamaica. We are hoping this serves as a model for other organizations that have adopted schools in Jamaica,” Samuels continued.

JAMPACT will reimburse up to US$500 to each eligible candidate of the Tuition Assistance Program who would have given at least two years full time service or three years part-time service in one of the organization’s adopted basic schools (Coles, Crescent Road, Maxfield Park and St. Steven’s). Awardees will be asked to submit official grades of “C” and above along with coursework receipts for reimbursement.

For further information on JAMPACT’s Tuition Assistance Program, contact Diane Samuels at [email protected]. And for further information on JAMPACT, contact Camille T. Barrett at (212) 459-4390 or [email protected].