Two Years to Get Ready


You could collapse in despair as Trump and his Republican minions shred the Constitution and turn back the clock. Or you could start preparing for battle, knowing “we the people” get to have our say again in a couple of years.

As  the bigots and xenophobes impose their will on the rest of us, they will expose their primitive agenda.”The people” will return to the ballot box in 2018 with wide-open eyes.

Half of America’s eligible voters skipped November’s election, probably taking it for granted that nobody remotely like Donald Trump could be elected president of the United States.

You can bet they won’t stay home next time. And you can bet they won’t be voting Republican.

Of course we will have to say “President Trump” for four long years. But we can clip his wings by undermining his support in Congress. Remember what the Democrats did in 2006?

There’s always a backlash in midterm elections, and I expect an especially vigorous backlash this time.

The House of Representatives gets a complete do over every two years. A third of the Senate will be under review. And dozens of governors and legislators must face the voters.

Yes, I know the Republicans gerrymandered a lot of districts to put Democrats at a disadvantage. Yes, I know Republican legislators and their allies have relocated polling stations, passed ID laws and generally conspired to suppress minority votes.

But that just means Democrats have to work a little harder.

And if we get started now, you know we can get it done. We won’t accomplish much by cowering in a corner, lamenting our cruel fate.

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