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The Ultimate ‘Bashment’ Comes To Atlanta! – July 13th and July 15th 2007

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SunRaSon Films is bringing the streets of Big Apple to the Big Peach with special screenings of Bashment, the highly anticipated drama that digs deep into New York’s urban street culture—Jamaican style. The film will be coming to Atlanta’s Screen Works Theatre Gallery in the South Dekalb Mall on July 13th and July 15th,

Bashment tells the tale of one young man’s struggle with friendship, greed, tragedy, and redemption, against the backdrop of New York’s spunky Dancehall-tinged urban streets, and stars acclaimed stage actor Mykal Fax, alongside popular Dancehall soundmen Maestro from famed ‘Passa Passa’ soundsystem Swatch International, Noah Wid Di Powa, and Steelie Bashment.

Fax plays the lead character Cymbal, a recent college graduate who allows his friends to lead him into the ‘bashment’ lifestyle of flossing and partying, and then further into the underworld of guns, crime, and violence. Bringing a fresh perspective to a typical urban themed drama, co-writers Steve “Tehut-Nine” McAlpin and Fax, chose to center the film on the script rather than the action. With an intricate script full of puzzles, surprises, and humor, Bashment embraces the grittiness of urban street life without being the cliché ‘shotta style’ film.

“Bashment is different because it can be watched by all age groups. There is no profanity,” explains Tehut Nine, who also directed, co-produced, and has a staring role in Bashment. “At the same time, you don’t miss the profanity because that same aggressive energy translates in scripting, and the camera shots, and the acting.”

“It has all the elements of a great movie,” states Fax, who in addition to having the leading role and co-writing credit, also co-produced the film. “Action, comedy, drama, suspense…it was based on my life story, so it also has that element of raw reality.”

Already opening to thunderous reviews and sold-out screening in New York and Florida, Tehut-Nine expects the film will have the same impact on the growing Caribbean population in and around Greater Atlanta.

“The public reaction has been great, people love the film, some are already saying it’s the best Jamaican movie they’ve seen, period,” says Tehut-Nine. “I want people to walk away from the film like they would after eating a good meal, totally satisfied, yet yearning for more of the same cooking.”

The Bashment screenings will be held at the Screenworks Theatre Gallery at in the South Dekalb Mall in Decatur, Georgia, on Friday, July 13th and Sunday, July 15th at 9 p.m. For more information, log on to www.sunrason.com, or call SunRaSon Films at 917-531-5704.

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