Uninformed vs Uneducated Voter

A good friend and I were having a discussion today about “Joe the Plumber”.  He was shocked that  a plumber knew so much about politics. He then went on to say the guy probably does not have a college degree. This is where we had a heated discussion. He was inferring that the more educated you are the better your chance of understanding politics. I totally disagreed with him on this. I have friends who have doctorates who don’t know anything about politics. In fact I went to a friends birthday party 2 months ago and a “college educated” friend I went to school with was there. He spoke about Obama and seem to know everything about him. When someone asked “What do you think of John McCain?” He asked, “Who”. He was not joking. He did not know who it was.  I think if people are willing to have an open mind and get informed they can be as politically savy as many of the “pundits” we see on TV.